Women and employment: a good business

It is not lost on anyone that in the most patriarchal societies women are deprived of a great many rights and freedoms enjoyed by their male partners. It is fortunate to be able to say that this statement is gradually losing its force, as things change for us, but education, the rooting of ideas in society and the culture built on religious pillars mean that change occurs at a very slow pace. A good number of women, and fortunately many men, would like to be able to say that equality is totally imposed on society and not always for a reason of dignity and justice. Empowerment as a weapon of wealth It has been demonstrated that when working women grow in number, the wealth of a society increases significantly.

These are not random data, but studies carried out by OECD countries in which the increase in working women has clearly led to economic growth, and it has also been shown that the household expenditure formula changes considerably when income is generated by women. It has also been shown that the household expenditure formula changes significantly when income is generated by women. This is contrary to the situation that has been repeated up to now in the most conservative countries, where girls are pushed from childhood to a goal of family care and service to men. If we put an end to this burden and open the door to girls to seek the same as them, they will benefit as women, they will bring wealth to society and they will transmit their knowledge and value to their sons and daughters to achieve a definite equality group.Work at home Undoubtedly, this educational cycle must have repercussions on the disproportionate responsibility that women find when they arrive at home.

Whether or not they are workers outside the home, when they arrive after the day has passed they find themselves looking after their children, cleaning and other tasks waiting to be attended to. The disproportion is such that, sometimes, she is responsible for all the tasks in the home in spite of being a worker outside the home, even if her male partner is outside the labour market.

Hailey Morin
Hailey Morin

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