Lesser-known sports, younger siblings

Sports fans are living a moment of glory because there are many ways to enjoy them. From live viewing in stadiums or on television, multi-platform or delayed broadcasts, to the practice of live sports, there are many ways to experience the hobby and many advantages acquired. The creativity of some, the desire to have fun of others or the simple intention of doing something new, become triggers for the birth of very innovative sports.the truth is that this diversity that attracts many people in some cases and a small number in others, is not enjoyed by most who tend to concentrate their interest in the same type of game. Tennis, basketball and football are the three great kings of this competition in the interest of the public.

This sport is a great source of wealth that is supported by a massive public.

  • Bubble football. This fun sport has a remarkable number of fans. It is a game in which teams of 10 must score a goal in the opposite goal. So far there are many similarities with traditional football, however, the big difference is that each player is enclosed in a large inflatable bubble.
  • Football flag.

    An innovative and fun version of rugby in which there is no ball. Instead, each player must steal a flag from the opponent's belt. Giving a lesson in equality, in this sport teams can be mixed and, in fact, it is more than common to find men and women playing in harmonious competition.

  • Parkour. It is an activity with a great demand on a physical level.

    Based on the agility and dexterity of the person who practices it, this urban sport plays with all the elements of public furniture to move in a spectacular way.

Some less known examples
  • Bossaball. This is an original and young sport that combines fun and spectacularity. Capoeria, football, volleyball, trampolines and music come together to give life to this activity in which each team must score by making the ball touch the opposite ground. The area of the body with which the ball is hit and the place where it falls are the criteria for the sum of the points.
  • Zorbing.

    As crazy as it is interesting, this new sport throws the participants over a big ditch inside a big inflatable ball. It is a crazy race that seems to walk between the joke and the interest of a growing fan base.


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