Gambling in focus - where are the chances of winning best?

Gambling is still popular in Germany. For most people it is a kind of hobby. But there are also people who have the intention to earn money with gambling. In principle, this is quite possible.

However, gambling has its name not without reason. In most cases it is just about luck. However, there are also some types of gambling where skill has a decisive influence on the outcome. In these forms of gambling, the chances of winning are self-explanatory the best.

However, only if the required skill is really given. To help you understand the whole matter better, let's take a look at the odds of winning the different games of chance. Then you can get a better picture of whether one or the other comes into question for you.


Betting is an interesting area of gambling. Basically, it is possible to bet on almost anything.

Whether it's the next German football champion, the winner of a competition or even the UK's exit from the EU - there are thousands of possibilities. The most popular of these are sports betting. Anyone who bets on sports professionally can theoretically make a profit in the long term. Many sports bettors have proven in recent years that this is possible.Professional sports bettors not only bring a high degree of discipline, but are also masters in analysis.

They are able to compare relevant factors and include them in their bets. This also requires a certain mathematical understanding. If you can't handle equations or other basic math, you shouldn't even try your hand at sports betting. Generally, sports betting is a lot of work and even seasoned professionals have periods where they lose continuously.

You have to be aware of that. Otherwise, the risks of falling into a gambling addiction are simply too high. Especially when it comes to constant failures. However, such failures can hardly be avoided.


Lotto is one of the most popular types of gambling worldwide.

However, lotto is rather uninteresting for professional players. This is due to the fact that it is practically impossible to achieve long-term profits. Nevertheless, the chances of winning can be increased in principle. For example, it makes sense to form lottery syndicates.

After all, each lottery ticket increases the probability of winning. The disadvantage of this is that winnings have to be divided. Nevertheless, the strategy makes sense if the aim is merely to increase the probability. In the case of winning millions, there should be enough left over for everyone anyway.

It also makes sense to compare the different lottery providers with each other. Often online providers are better than the state lottery. The state lottery market is shrinking continuously. Some providers are even being taken over by their online competitors.


When it comes to making money with gambling, poker is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

There is a good reason for that. Because especially in poker, skill plays a decisive role. Experienced players usually have an easy time competing against inexperienced players. There are even professional players who earn several million per year.

However, such cases are the exception and by no means the rule. A few years ago, online poker in particular was a great way to make money. This was due to the fact that many inexperienced players tried their hand at it. The experienced ones therefore had it relatively easy.

Nowadays, however, that is no longer the case. Inexperienced players hardly dare to play online poker anymore. This leaves almost only experienced players.Either way, it is also normal in poker to have extended periods of losing. Even professional players are not spared from this.

This makes good bankroll management very important. As a result, poker players need a high level of discipline. As with sports betting, poker players should have some mathematical understanding. This is because poker is primarily about probabilities.

Those who are able to calculate these probabilities have a big advantage.


Scratch cards are very popular. Scratching is simply fun for many. However, unlike poker and sports betting, scratch cards are not suitable for long-term profits. The chances of winning are too low for that.

Especially since they can hardly be influenced. However, it is quite possible to buy scratch tickets with several people and simply divide the winnings. The winnings are significantly lower, but the chances of winning increase with each scratch card.


In principle, slots are one of the casino games that are not suitable for professional players. Basically, there is also no way to increase your chances of winning.

However, there is a difference between slots in classic gambling houses/casinos and online casinos. Slots in online casinos are usually better. This is due to the fact that the running costs at an online casino are significantly lower. As a result, online casinos can offer a better payout rate (≈96%) than the classic ones (≈60%).

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