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Finding the perfect domain for your own projectsA good project on the internet needs several things. It needs good content that can captivate visitors. Of course, the design should also be right, because the eye also eats on the Internet. Strong appearances in the social networks and a superior search engine optimization can guarantee that visitors also come to your site.

However, all of this cannot be successful if a certain foundation for success is not in place: a good domain. The name of the homepage can decide like no other factor whether one is successful with all other measures. There are very different requirements for the selection of the domain. Which factors are important and how can one trade successfully with domains on the Internet?The selection of the domain for one's own projects on the InternetWhoever decides to look for one's own domain for a project on the net, must make two considerations.

First, there is the question of whether one's own project has a name that one would like to make known as a brand afterwards. In this case, choosing the domain is easy. Of course, you still have to check the domain and be sure that no one else already had the idea. But all the other problems that one may come across while looking for a good domain are usually not present in such a case.

If, however, one wants to work with keywords, for example, many of the domains in the German-speaking world are already out of stock. One possibility would be to switch to other keywords. Otherwise, it should be important that you can market the domain well. An alternative would be the use of long-tail keywords.

This way, the domain would become longer and consist of several keywords, but one could avoid the problem that many attractive names are already taken. In addition, this gives you the opportunity to market two keywords at the same time with the help of one domain. However, it should be limited to this. In general, you should refrain from using domains that contain more than two words.

You should also not use top-level domains that are not .de or .com. In Germany, they generally have the disadvantage of low user confidence and a disadvantage in the search engines.Trading domains is becoming more and more lucrativeThe rarer good domains become and the more people decide to start their projects on the Internet, the stronger the trade in domains becomes. There are many people who secure attractive titles that come to mind. For example, a blog or a placeholder site can be built here.

It only takes a little content and you can build passive income with the involvement of affiliates. But the real goal is to get someone interested in the domain. If you sell it at a good price, you will have directly earned many times what a domain would cost in a year. So there is a new way how to build up an income on the internet with a little speculation and little effort.

Hailey Morin
Hailey Morin

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