Fight against sedentarism without leaving home

Fighting against the sedentary way of life has become a real challenge for decades. The great interest in television, mainly in the 1990s with the diversification of the broadcast offer, was accompanied by the enormous leap in quality in video games to attract more and more young people into the home in their leisure time. The arrival of social networks has been a great boost to this relaxed way of life, since both adults and young people spend many hours in front of a mobile terminal consulting the unlimited content that these offer them. In any case, it is not a question of demonizing any form of leisure, since both television and video games are excellent methods of entertainment that can provide a multitude of positive stimuli if used in moderation.

Likewise, telephones and smartphones are presented as a window to the world for social relations, work, culture or enjoying hobbies with countless options and facilities. The most interesting and efficient thing is to make an orderly and intelligent use of these instruments. In this way, we can diversify the use of pure entertainment and relaxation sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed, adding formulas that encourage exercise and sport, making it much more fun. These applications offer us sporting, activity or food challenges.

There are many alternatives that can be easily adapted to the needs and tastes of each user. If you are interested in increasing your daily activity in a simple way and without doing strong exercises, you can bet on applications that count the number of steps and stimulate you to increase your movements. If you want to do a more demanding sport you can find other specific applications that bet on gamification in that do a slimming diet you will also find many alternatives or, if you want, you can do personalized challenges to adapt your exercise to your daily games as a toolIn the same way, video games can also be a very useful tool to fight sedentarism if we bet on the so-called active video games. In these cases the movement of the avatar is synchronized with that of the player to start the activity.

Thus, whether running, dancing or simulating the game of a sport, the player will be forced to move to enjoy the game. This is one of the most fun ways to activate the body without having to leave home.

Hailey Morin
Hailey Morin

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