Combine offline tools for the success of your marketing campaigns

I have modified the first one in the url or by a 0 as always :).-The business market has given extreme importance to online marketing in recent times, so disproportionately that some businesses have forgotten the benefits and advantages of offline marketing. But various reports and studies carried out by specialised agencies have confirmed that this type of thinking is a clear error from which one must escape by all possible means. Instead, companies are encouraged to combine offline tools with online methods to reach the true potential of their marketing campaigns. A company that only works through one of these two channels does not have the same chance of success as a company that knows how to make the best of both worlds.

Therefore, it is recommended to innovate and find the common point of both marketing philosophies, which is why the use of advertising displays in public places has been proven to be effective. This type of large visual image is interesting for customers and attracts their attention in the first place, and then transmits a concrete idea to them. In these displays, for example, company profiles can be promoted in social networks, thus creating a communication channel between both sides of the marketing. Interaction with the customer to build loyaltyIf there is something that displays and physical advertising have, it is the ability to cause a visual impact on customers.

This is a good first step that can later be followed up by awakening consumer interest. It is also a good way to create initiatives and cross-promotions. For example, with the installation of visual products such as those of, customers can be encouraged to take photos and then upload them to social networks with the intention of participating in special actions. The advantage of this type of initiative is that visual products such as photocalls or roll ups work efficiently in any type of physical business.

They attract customers for the first time and then they explore what the company offers on its website through its various products and proposals.

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