How visual strategies highlight online stores

The great competition created by labour and social structures in the 21st century makes it very complex for new brands to enter the scenario of great corporate saturation in e-commerce. The adoption of functional marketing strategies becomes, therefore, fundamental to ensure good results. Among the various elements of marketing, we find visual marketing. Come to know the reasons that make visual marketing so important and how you can ensure that it enhances your brand by creating a good logo.

Over the past few years, the mutation we have seen in the world happened with unprecedented speed. As smartphones became a true extension of the human arm and life began to revolve around the cell phone screen, people began to pay more and more attention to the visual expression of the world.The current era is, in fact, very marked by image. The visual medium is people's first point of connection with brands and events, and everywhere there is almost permanent exposure to stimuli of this kind. Therefore, when a digital entrepreneur wants to launch a brand, one aspect he knows he has to consider is precisely that of his company's visual communication.

A company that does not stand out visually from the rest will hardly attract the attention of the audiences to which it is directed. Knowing this, digital entrepreneurs start to launch themselves in the learning of visual marketing strategies, trying to stand out in the face of competing brands. After all, in Brazil, the numbers indicate that despite the huge growth of e-commerce (about 37.5 and growth in 2019), there is still a large margin of failure (80% in the first year and a half, according to SEBRAE).Among the various visual strategies, one of the most important is related to the creation of the logo, and it is important to know that it helps the brand to achieve the desired success and to stand out, even in the face of the current saturation of the

marketTrend analysis and visual marketingWho

has a company in their hands and wants to launch their brand effectively can not fail to study the market, to know, for sure, what are the trends of the moment and how these can be integrated into their strategy.The evaluation of the trends can be a guide in the definition of the products to be marketed, the forms of business work, the advertising carried out and even the creation of the elements of identity itself, including visual identity, corresponding to the logo. Following the trends when creating a logo can make its expression much greater and the encounter with this image motivates greater interest and curiosity in the target audience.

Believing in the value of simplicityThe

expression "sometimes less is more" has marked many of the century's minimalist trends, which includes the area of marketing.Often, a creative will gain more by avoiding the most eccentric creations, focusing on what is simple to identify, with little visual noise and captivating.The visual choices of a site, the advertising of posters and online events and even the logo can win much in a simpler bet.


principle of originality In the

creation of visual marketing structures, it is essential to seek, in addition to simplicity, to be as original as possible, so that the public can, among the various existing brands, identify their own. The originality motivates confidence, curiosity and loyalty of customers, making people feel more inclined to open their links and to purchase their products. Many times, the similarity with existing brands makes the consumer assume that the products are an inferior copy of the brand they already know.

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